21 Small Details That Might Change The Way You Look At These Films And TV Shows

21 Details That Prove These TV Shows And Movies Are Pretty Damn Clever

Did you notice that T’Challa foreshadowed Thanos’ downfall in Infinity War?!

If 2020 has given us anything, it’s the gift of having the time to watch and rewatch our faves, so here are some details you may not have spotted before.

🚨This post contains a few spoilers here and there – if you’re not caught up with Umbrella Academy or You, approach with caution. 🚨


In Coraline, the writing on the cake features a double loop on the word “home”, which, according to graphology, means the person who wrote it is lying. This checks out, as Coraline wasn’t really home.

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According to handwriting experts, a single loop indicates small secrets and a double loop is a HUGE red flag – information that would have been useful when Coraline met her other mother and father.


In Avengers: Infinity War, T’Challa tells Proxima Midnight that Thanos won’t get the Mind Stone and will only get dust and blood. Fast forward to Endgame, and that’s exactly what he gets.

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It took a while, but he was right – in the final film, Thanos dies twice: he’s decapitated by Thor (blood), and then he’s destroyed by Tony’s snap (dust).


In Umbrella Academy, the Hargreeves siblings always leave an empty space for their ghost brother, Ben.


When Buzz finds out he’s not an actual space ranger in the first Toy Story movie, the commercial he sees is from Al’s toy barn – the guy who causes the gang a whole lot of trouble in the sequel.

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A tiny detail that only the most eagle-eyed children would have remembered when Al popped up in Toy Story 2.


Arrested Development knows what it’s doing when it comes to detail, but you may not have noticed that the first three seasons have countless moments that foreshadow George Michael’s Fakeblock.


George Michael’s super-human rhythm (thanks to Babytock) is mentioned from the first season, and he busts out the his beloved woodblock twice – to join the Fünke’s band and for a guitar session with his dad.


In Community, someone dressed as Beetlejuice appears in the background, after the character is mentioned three times over the course of three seasons!


Friends might have quite a few inconsistencies, but Ross wasn’t joking about Monica’s 11 towel categories. When the girls have to move apartments they have literal boxes of towels to take with them.


Categories include “bath towel, guest towels, beach towels, old towels, everyday use towel, fancy guest towels, fancy towels, and kitchen towels,” but we’ll just have to guess what the other three towel categories are!


And Monica and Chandler discuss getting off with each other at least three times before they actually do: when Ben is born Chandler offers to be Monica’s baby backup, when they go to Montauk he tries to get her to consider dating him, and in a flashback episode they share an ~intimate~ hug.


Despite having an obvious crush on him in the teenage flashbacks, grown-up Monica seems pretty averse to dating Chandler until the big moment in season four.


In the first Hunger Games, Peeta tells Katniss that he’s scared The Capitol will change him – foreshadowing his kidnap and fear conditioning in Mockingjay.

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He tells Katniss he doesn’t want to be a piece in their game, and while it seems like he’s talking about the Hunger Games themselves, when Panem goes to war he ends up being a vital weapon in the Capitol’s arsenal.


In Shrek 2, Gingy has brand new legs and icing stitches following the traumatising milk-dipping disconnection in the first film.


In the second season of Parks and Recreation, the MRI technician Leslie dates tells her she has the perfect uterus for triplets. Lo and behold, four seasons later, Leslie finds herself pregnant with triplets.


At the end of Wall-E, the globe looks very different from how it does currently – most notably there’s way more water and Alaska doesn’t exist.

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A not so subtle nod to the impending effects of global warming.


In the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Faith visits Buffy in a dream, and says the cryptic line: “Little Miss Muffet counting down from 7-3-0.” This foreshadows both the introduction of Dawn, and Buffy’s death two years later.

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Buffy’s little sister is also reffered to as “curds and whey.”


When he’s cooking meth in the first episode of Breaking Bad, Walt’s trousers fly off. In the fifth and final season of the show, those same trousers – looking much worse for wear – make a cameo.


In the second season of Broad City, an old lady calls Abbi “Val”, and it makes no sense. But then three episodes later we discover that Val is Abbi’s blackout drunk alter ego.


And while you may have noticed the episode “Burning Bridges” was a homage to Mrs Doubtfire, you may not have spotted Mara Wilson, who was in the original movie, as the waitress.

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Mara, who played Robin Williams character’s daughter, revealed that because she was such a big fan of Broad City, the cameo was actually her idea!


Pretty much all the books in You mirror the themes of the show, such as guilt, love, and corruption. And it’s not even subtle – Farewell, My lovely, the novel he discusses with Ellie, is set in LA and is all about murder.


In The Lion, the Witch, and The Wardrobe, in the battle scene after the White Witch orders Aslan to be shaved and killed, she’s wearing his fur.

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This proves just how evil she is, not that we needed much convincing.


Hercules wears a lion that looks an awful lot like Scar, which means that The Lion King was probably set in ancient times.

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In Greek Mythology, Herc killed a Nemean Lion and wore his fur as a cloak. The Lion King is one of the few Disney classics that’s really hard to place, so If that lion was in fact Scar, that means it took place sometime before 1300 BCE.


Black Mirror has loads of Easter eggs that connect the episodes, like in “Nosedive,” when Lacie scrolls through her phone and passes a post from Michael Callow which reads: “just got thrown out of the zoo again.” Which is an unsubtle nod to the first-ever episode of the show, where the Prime Minister – Michael – assaults a pig.


And finally, in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Ginny is the only girl in Dumbledore’s Army that wears trousers, and we can assume that they once belonged to her brothers.

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The infamous Weasley hand-me-downs were only mentioned in the first film, so this is some good continuity.

What tiny on-screen details have you noticed? Tell us in the comments!

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