I'm Not Being Funny, But This Quiz About The British Monarchy Will Have 71% Of People Stumped

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Posted on Dec 2, 2020

I’m Not Being Funny, But This Quiz About The British Monarchy Will Have 71% Of People Stumped

Do you know your Tudor timeline?

  1. Let’s start easy – who is next in line to succeed Elizabeth II?

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    The Prince of Wales is the eldest son of Queen Elizabeth and first in line to the throne. William is second, George is third, and Harry is sixth.

  2. Who did William the Conqueror replace on the throne?

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    There was a lot of confusion after Edward the Confessor died over who should rule. Eventually, Harold II was crowned, but he was killed soon after at the Battle of Hastings. William I (the Conqueror), who had led the Norman invaders, became King in 1066.

  3. Henry VIII ruled from 1509 to 1547. In what order did his children reign after him?

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    Edward VI took to the throne immediately after Henry VIII in 1547. Mary I became queen after her younger brother died in 1553, and then Elizabeth I reigned from 1558 until 1603. Lady Jane Grey was also queen for nine days in 1553.

  4. How many “Georges” have been King to date?

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    Beginning with George I in 1714, and ending with the death of George VI – the Queen’s father – in 1952.

  5. Who abdicated in 1936 and made way for his brother, George VI, to become King?

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    Edward VIII’s reign was plagued by the scandal caused by his affair with American socialite, Wallis Simpson. He abdicated in order to marry her, which he did in 1937.

  6. Who unified the kingdoms of Scotland and England when he was crowned in 1603?

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    James I, or James VI of Scotland, became the King of England in 1603 after the death of Elizabeth I. He referred to himself as “King of Great Britain” and was eventually proclaimed as such. However, it wasn’t until 1707 that Scotland and England legally became Great Britain under the Act of Union.

  7. Which of these is NOT a nineteenth century monarch?

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    Charles I was a seventeenth century monarch who took to the throne in 1625 and died in 1649. George IV reigned from 1820 to 1830, William IV from 1830 to 1837, and Victoria from 1837 to 1901.

  8. Who did Queen Victoria replace on the throne?

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    William IV was the third son of King George III and Victoria’s uncle. Since all of his legitimate children had died in infancy, the crown passed to his niece upon his death barring the kingdom of Hanover, where Salic law prevented women from ruling. This position went to his brother, Ernest.

  9. Which monarch separates Henry I and Henry II?

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    Way back when, Stephen Of Blois was encouraged to usurp his late uncle Henry I’s throne by English nobility who didn’t want a woman ruler in Henry I’s daughter, Matilda. After a lot of civil unrest and a few battles, Stephen named Matila’s son Henry of Anjou as his successor, as his own son Eustace had passed away.

  10. Put these royal houses in chronological order:

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    It’s Plantagenet, Tudor, Hanover!

    The house of Plantagenet began in 1154 with Henry II and ended in 1485 with Richard III; the house of Tudor was founded by Henry VII in 1485 and existed until the death of Elizabeth I in 1603; the most recent House of Hanover started in 1714 with George I, and continued until 1901 when Queen Victoria died.

  11. Which of these is NOT a seventeenth century monarch?

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    Queen Anne was an eighteenth century monarch who took to the throne in 1702 and died in 1714. James I ruled from 1603 to 1625, Charles II from 1660 to 1685, and Mary II jointly reigned with her husband from 1689 until her death in 1694.

  12. And lastly, who was the first king of England?

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    Æthelstan is widely considered to have been the first King of all of England. He ruled over the Anglo-Saxons from 924, and claimed the English throne in 927 after conquering York, the last remaining Viking kingdom.

Shout out to Britannica for providing me with all the knowledge for this quiz!

Source: I’m Not Being Funny, But This Quiz About The British Monarchy Will Have 71% Of People Stumped

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